Poetry soundscapes – (001) – Stodmarsh frog chorus

Driving always inspires me. Its monotony allows my thoughts to travel too (probably makes my driving a little erratic, please be careful other motorists) and this week whilst driving to visit my very elderly gran I became hugely excited about experimenting with and developing a few  poetry soundscapes.

I’ve already dabbled in recycling sounds from nature this year. Firstly with my superbly creative other half and sometime collaborator for a short experimental film we made this spring. Then more recently as the backdrop beat for a poem to be read as part of another project we are just in the initial stages of pulling together (more about this to be posted later this year or next year no doubt).

Have a listen to the piece we moulded from our exploits at a local nature reserve. The sound of frogs have been fed through Garage Band effects and periodically overlaid with birdsong. The sound of my breath provides an enduring rhythm.

(001) – Stodmarsh frog chorus

 Marsh Frogs (Rana ridibunda).

I love those light bulb moments. Now that I’ve joined the dots, it’s obvious really that I can combine my love of nature, poetry and music into a larger project/diversion where I can sculpt poetry without the limits of words or tradition. Or with words. Or with a poetic form and strict limitation. Or create something else entirely.

What’s great is that I can start to store a collection of sounds on my beloved Samsung right now for use in the future. The immediacy and opportunity that technology can bring to creative endeavour is just so incredible. Especially for a nerd such as myself who will gain great pleasure solely from the process of storing and categorizing my soon to be collection of sound bites.

There are, of course, endless possibilities for play. Like a child in a sweet shop (rhubarb and custard being my sugar of choice) I cannot wait to dip into the infinite online library both to hear what others are experimenting with and learn more about this niche over the weekend. Thus primed, hopefully I will be able to generate some ideas that will give me a feel about where to head next.

I’m going to start by researching the work of eco-poet Jonathan Skinner and musician Bernie Krause using this article on the Poetry Foundation website as my introduction.

Any other suggestions or links to pieces that you have sculpted gratefully received.


3 thoughts on “Poetry soundscapes – (001) – Stodmarsh frog chorus

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  2. Hi, I can totally relate, driving, or moving anyway, walking, riding a bike, inspires me like nothing else. In Italy this summer I was accompanied endlessly by frogs and cicadas… I love it, light bulbs, as you said. Also thank you for the follow, just know mine is a bilingual poetry blog, so if you get a notice about something written in Italian don’t give up, soon something in English will follow. Keep up the good work!


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